8th Grade Experimental Activities on " How to separate the mixture "

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On February 19 , 2024, the committe of American Intercon School, Choam Chao Campus organized an experiment under the theme " How to separate the mixture " for 8th grade students led by Mrs. Vannak Sim, a chemistry teacher.

In experimenting on this topic, the teacher highlighted the main points of the lesson content to show the students that if we want to remove salt from the sand, we use a filtering method and they can separate the salt from the sea water. By heating the salt, evaporation is performed through laboratory experiments. The teacher then showed the materials to be used in the experiment, such as filter paper, funnel, beaker glass. alcohol lamps, pedestals, mesh panels, triggers and crucible tongs . Moreover, the teacher also presented the theory of the lesson in detail related to the process of the experiment to the students so that the experiment can get better results. After the teacher explained the details of the experimental practice for each stage, the teacher divided the students into groups of 4 to 5 members. All the students worked well together to participate in the practical experiment with the guidance of the teacher until they got better results and achieved the objectives as expected.

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