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On February 20, 2024, the management team of American Intercon School, Takeo Campus, lead the grade 3 students on 1st study tour to the Kids Village. The purpose of this study tour  provides an opportunity for young students to absorb the practical knowledge gained through visiting or studying, such as:

  1. Discover modern learning tools

  2. Learn how to play with safe and friendly equipment

  3. Take care of your belongings and take care of your coins

  4. Increase courage and experience in cooperation, lead unity, independence, ownership, and good team communication

  5. Strengthen friendships and solidarity with classmates

  6. Reflect and link the learning content in the lesson with the actual situation

  7. Gain new knowledge and feel refreshed while doing an internship there as well as when returning home. After the study visit, the students have a happy face, especially when it comes to creating memories with classmates and a good environment for students to get rid of fatigue in addition to studying in class.

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