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On March 18, 2024, the American Intercon School Committees held a Life Skills Program on "Growing Garlic" for Preschool 2C students in both morning and afternoon shift led by Teacher Nin Yean. 
First, teacher showed the name of the crop to be planted, the material and described how to Growing Garlic in detail to the students. Next, she tells each planting stage. In the first stage, she specified the materials and crops to be used for planting, including Garlic , gloves, planting pots, watering canes, compost and soil. Second step is to put the soil in a pot, cover it thoroughly, and water the soil to keep it moist. For the land for growing Garlic, the teacher asked the students to choose a good soil with fertile compost or mixed soil. Finally, she asked the students to plant the Garlic in a pre-prepared pot. The teacher added that in order to crow garlic well, we do not have to grow a large 
number of Garlic in one pot, because it can cause Garlic growing not well often and not absorb enough nutrients. On the other hand, we need to water enough and put it in a well-lit place, because all plants need sunlight for photosynthesis. After listening to the teacher's explanation, all the students participated in growing garlic with the teacher happily and well cooperative, in addition,  students were curious to look forward to seeing the growth of the crops that they have planted.
Life Skills Program on: Growing Garlic

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