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At AIS, we offer the best systematic method to support your child’s development in accordance with their individual needs. We believe that children possess limitless potential, and it is important to help them reach their best while maintaining their own strengths and passions. For us, making children stronger means we get better results. Besides study, our school campuses also focus on the values ​​of the culture, morals, virtues, global relationships and social participation, so that they become full human resources and successful in communities and neighborhood both locally and internationally. With the special creative, diverse, and up-to-date curriculum that is recognized and appreciated by the Municipal Department and Ministry of Education, embassies and famous international institutions in the world, our American Intercon School becomes the leading school in Cambodia.

The success of our students

American Intercon School provides a basic guideline for your child’s success. Many of our students have been pursuing their general education and college study at different well-known schools in the country as well as abroad such as the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, and Singapore. We always give your children our full supports so that they could realize their true talents and passion, opening the door for their brilliant success in the future.

Curriculum and Qualifications

We are implementing our uniquely modernized curriculum recognized, appreciated and valued by the Department and the Ministry of Education of the Kingdom of Cambodia. The students of our American Intercon School are very successful. A hundred percent 100​% of our grade 9 students passed the diploma examination almost every year. The number of our grade 12 students who passed the high school national examination is the highest percentage ​ (more than 90%) among other private and public schools across the country. Furthermore, we also have the highest percentage of grade A students in the annual high school examination.


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