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On May 13, 2022, American Intercon School comiittee prepared the study tour for 3rd  grade students to Fly Phnom Penh Center, located at building 1159, along National Road 2, Phnom Penh.

This study tour is an opportunity for students to study about the outside environment and gain more knowledge besides their lessons in the classroom which included the following points.

  1. Discovered the modern learning tools in the amusement park for children.
  2. Learnt how to play safe and friendly entertainment.
  3. Took care to store your belongings and take care of your money while traveling in public places.
  4. Increased courage and experience in cooperation, leadership, unity, independence, team communication and better public relations.
  5. Strengthened friendships and solidarity with their classmates and schoolmates.
  6. Reflected and explore the actual social situation.
  7. Gained new knowledge and clear feelings there as well as when returning home.

After the study tour, the students, teachers and the principal took photos together before returning to school safely and sound.

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