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Human Resources Department

Human Resources Department was established in 2014.  Human Resources Department is handle a range of different functions within the Mengly J. Quach Education to work with concerned department for the organization of human resource planning. Moreover, we are committed to creating a good working evironment to ensure the welfare and motivation for staff in general. Our main duties and responsibilities fall into four different units:

Talent Acquisition Unit

This unit is to oversee hiring and recruiting within the company needs. This unit actively recruits, screens, interviews and hires qualified candidates for open positions, skills assessment and personality tests to match candidates with the right person with the right place within the company. We also work on offer letter, employment contract and documents required for new employees. Our job in this unit is to organize the induction and orientation program and explain company policies and procedures to our new staff.

Compensation and Benefit Unit

This unit is to ensure that the salary and benefits of employees are managed with a high degree of transparency, confidentiality and ensure proper and timely delivery to the employees, and we are also responsible for the study and update of salary range for each role and other benefits in accordance with the labor law to meet the standard salary in the market.

Training and Development Unit

This unit is created to provide training and staff development in accordance with the needs of the training needs and the need to develop and improve the performance of the staff through evaluating the achievements of the staff and the business needs of the company. This unit plays an important role in securing and creating Talent Pools, Highly qualified through skills training and extra capacity.

Employee Relation Unit

This unit is to create an environment of working with good standard of health, safety and to ensure the welfare and motivation for the staff are welll implemented. To create a good management system for employee relations and compliance with labor law. To create and setting up a system for managing the implementation of the grievance rules and promoting of the Company Policies.

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