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The Office of the Legal Counsel (OLC) was originally initiated in 2018 and reports to the Founder, Chairman and CEO. This office is a component of the company’s structure established to provide the legal affair supports to MJQE in order to ensure that the business activities will never be affected by any form of legal risk occurrence. The office is commissioned to having legal studies and compiling relevant legal documents or instruments, for the purpose of information sharing and legal knowledge promotion among the employees and the management of the company, and as well as properly filing legal documents, private letters and authentic letters involved with the company’s operations in secured and safe manner.

Its mission is to ensure that the business operations in all forms are in compliance with legal policies and all relevant legislations, enacted by the Kingdom of Cambodia in order to ensure that all transactions are functioned effectively. In order to achieve the mission, the Office of Legal Counsel is to vision on strengthening and promoting the legal knowledge of legislations involved with the Company’s operations and as well establishing policies in supporting the company’s operations and implementing those polices effectively.

The Office of Legal Counsel shall adhere to beliefs in high qualities of work performance, honesty, integrity, dignity and is highly committed so that the office becomes confident for the company.

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