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Our unique educational programs is designed and developed for its best quality and full effectiveness in line with the quality of those in the developed countries while also preserving the core values of Cambodians. With these additional programs, students will be equipped with a wide range of knowledge, skills, and soft skills in accordance with the global needs. This will be a good preparation for them to obtain continuous success in their further education and become potential human resources for society and the world.

English program

Globalization has made the world become closer. In order to fully understand the intercultural concept as well as to fulfill the requirement in doing research, communication, and expanding our ability in any working environments, English is not just a language but an undeniably necessary mean to facilitate those processes. Recognizing its importance as one of the most influential languages, we have integrated English subject into our general education curriculum so as to ensure that students possess good language proficiency at their need in the future.

Arts (Music & Dance) program

The Art Program was established as an entertaining course to provide joyful environment to children at the weekend after completing their core subjects for almost the whole week. Moreover, this program aims to train them to be well-organized, creative, innovative, responsible, and to value various national and international cultures. On the other hand, the activities of this program not only help develop their physical but also their mental growth such as building courage, confidence, team spirit and relationship among their peer as well.


Our comprehensive sports program (including basketball, football, volleyball, swimming, table tennis, tennis, L’bokator) is an extracurricular program created for students to improve students’ health, physical growth, mental fitness, team spirit, courage and agility. All of these activities functions as both a basic support for their learning progress as well as a leisure activities after their busy schedule during the week.

Home economics program

Acquiring the home economics course, your children will gain a basic knowledge of home economics which is the art of living responsibly. Through this course students will be able to build teamwork and collaboration while also learn to respect the value of household chores which is the backbone of the happiness in the family. In addition, children could experience a joyful and pleasant atmosphere while working together to achieve the assigned tasks.


Learning in the classroom with qualified teachers is an immense contribution to provide wisdom to children; moreover, in order for them to receive a wide-ranging education, American Intercon School has prepared additional training programs through various workshops conducted by well-known speakers from different fields including Embassies, Ministries, National and International Institutions on different topics related to general education, social issues, culture, health, community, technology and other beneficial topic related to education. Through this programs, children will gain universal knowledge useful for their education and daily living.

Annual Field Trip Program

The annual Field Trip program is designed to guide students at each grade to get to learn, research, and develop a broad understanding of humanities and values through visiting cultural, historical, natural, agricultural, and livelihood sites to link what they have learned in the classroom to the real life in the society. Meanwhile, it is the best opportunity to relax and build virtuous relationship between them after the whole year of school.

Experimental program

To bring the best quality of education of the American Intercon School to global standards, the modern laboratory which is equipped with various equipment and tools for experimental programs, especially in science subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science) is designed for students to experiment, study, research and understand more about phenomena, motions, reactions or characteristics of objects, matter, plants and nature, so that they have a clearer understanding and knowledge on a global scale with the quality of developed countries that they have learned in the class.

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