Why do we believe in our ambitions?

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We have ambitions for our students

  • There is no limit to their success
  • Our creativity and resilience will make us better every day
  • All children have their own way to achieve their own outcomes
  • The wide range of education provided will raise opportunity for their success both nationally and internationally
  • Basic education is necessary for children to become a part of family, society and the world.

What does this mean for your children?

We believe that there is no limit to the success of our children. We keep pushing and motivating them to achieve their ambitious dreams, overcome new challenges and arouse their curiosity for the future. Ambition drives our students to take action. It makes them optimistic and challenge them to be confident, while doing their best at any task in their life. Ambition is something we can bring to any place. It can be a source of change and great achievement. Ambition is like a spark; to make it into the fire, it requires strong will and determination.

​Moreover, it also needs creativity, innovation, patience, courage, and confidence to achieve it. In order to make this happens, our outstanding teachers work so hard to provide those crucial skills to each of our students through their own learning styles. ​​ At the same time, we strengthen their will via different competitions and activities so that they could keep up their study progress and continue to grow well in every aspect. Furthermore, we also provide some real-life experiences to open up new opportunities for each one of them. American Intercon School empowers each student to be successful in both their academic and social life. This is our approach.

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