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Working efficiency

Upon joining American Intercon School, you are now part of our huge AIS family.

We recruit only the best, highly experienced, passionate, and professional teachers who love sharing knowledge and fostering children. Only then, they could do their best to help students succeed in their study and grow up to be better persons. And those teachers, could they be you?

As a leading and well-recognized school in Cambodia, American Intercon School is an ideal working place for educators. Being part of our intercon family, you will be able to broaden your professionalism with valuable knowledge and experiences. Your presence is warmly welcome.

Together we could further improve our creativity and effectiveness in providing the best quality education to our children. We all need reminders to keep us on our toes, renew our commitment from time to time, and work harder to complete our mission as educators; and here we have our unique slogans everywhere. Personal development is even more crucial to keep us up to date on our teaching practice. That’s why seminars and training conducted by professional educators both inside and outside our institution are regularly arranged to assist you on this matter. For this reason, our school has become a resourceful center for childs’ education.  Besides the academic department, we have many other related departments functioning as our great support such as Operation, Human Resources, Finance, Information Technology, Security and sanitation, as well as the Marketing department.

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